Submissions from 2014


Acute Effects of Practical Hamstring Stretching: Implications for Clinical Practice in the Sports Medicine Setting, Aric Warren, Amanda B. Coble, Matthew S. O'Brien, Doug Smith, Amanda A. Wheeler, Tona Hetzler, and Joel T. Cramer


An examination of body tracing among women with high body dissatisfaction, Gail A. Williams, Danae Lisa Hudson, Brooke L. Whisenhunt, and Janis Crowther

Submissions from 2013


A Complete Exercise Program for Healthy Older Adults, Barbara A. Bushman

A review of Anticholinergic medications for overactive bladder symptoms, Rhea Faye Felicilda-Reynaldo

Submissions from 2012

Ammonia abolishers: antibiotics for hepatic encephalopathy, Rhea Faye Felicilda

Submissions from 2010

Admission variables as predictors of PANCE scores in physician assistant programs: a comparison study across universities., Rose Higgins, Sharon Moser, Amy Dereczyk, Roberto Canales, Gloria Stewart, Colleen Schierholtz, and Ted J. Ruback