Gay men's domestic violence: Dynamics, help-seeking ehaviors, and correlates

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gay men, domestic violence, partner abuse, violence, family violence


The purpose of this research is to present empirical evidence regarding the dynamics, help-seeking behaviors, and correlates of gay men's partner abuse. Implementing a nationwide survey using convenience sampling, data were gathered using a 12-page questionnaire. Data from 63 self-identified victims were compared with studies conducted by Renzetti (1992) and Merrill and Wolfe (2000). Partner abuse between gay men occurs in many forms, complies with the cycle of abuse, and often is severe over a long period of time. Help-seeking behaviors are limited and mostly remain with informal sources. The correlates of dependency, jealousy, power imbalance, and substance abuse are modest predictors (R 2 = 21%) of severity of abuse. Empirical evidence confirms the need for intervention directed toward this social problem, and groundwork is laid for future research.

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McClennen, Joan C., Anne B. Summers, and Charles Vaughan. "Gay men's domestic violence: Dynamics, help-seeking behaviors, and correlates." Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services 14, no. 1 (2002): 23-49.

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