Provider adherence to evidence-based asthma guidelines in a community health center


Background: Improved outcomes for patients with asthma have been proven with the use of the Expert Panel Report 3 (EPR-3) evidence-based asthma guidelines. These clinical guidelines are tools developed for providers to direct appropriate high-quality patient care that leads to positive outcomes. However, research has shown health care providers do not routinely follow the evidence-based asthma guidelines adequately. Objective: To develop and implement an evidence-based asthma protocol in a community clinic and improve provider adherence and attitudes/beliefs to the EPR-3 guidelines resulting in improved asthma outcomes, asthma control, and self-management for patients with asthma. Methods: The study was conducted in 2 parts over a period of 3 months. First, all medical providers at a community clinic were invited to participate in the research study. The intervention included implementing the asthma protocol within the current electronic health record (EHR). A pre-and postintervention questionnaire measuring provider’s adherence and attitudes to evidence-based practice was administered. In addition, pre-and postclinic aggregate data for International Classification of Diseases codes specific to asthma that correlate to 7 identified aims based on the EPR-3 guidelines were collected. Results: Results show statistical significance among the provider attitudes/beliefs with the intervention, the greatest effect being found for the medical doctors. Four of the 7 aims showed improvement. Conclusions: The findings of this application research quality improvement study indicate that providing necessary tools and resources needed to adhere to evidence-based asthma guidelines can positively affect providers’ adherence and attitudes/beliefs toward evidence-based guidelines.


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Adherence, Asthma, Community health center, Evidence-based guidelines, Outcomes, Providers

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Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice