Exchange at the Dahlman site (23LA259), a late prehistoric neosho phase settlement in Southwest Missouri

Larissa A. Thomas
Jack H. Ray, Missouri State University


This paper discusses evidence for the exchange networks that intersected through a late prehistoric site on the western margin of the Ozarks in Lawrence County, Missouri. The Dahlman site, 23LA259, was occupied during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries along the Spring River. The site consists ofa collection of households in the floodplain and on a terrace overlooking the river. Materials recovered during two seasons of excavations have brought to light non-local materials from elsewhere in the Ozarks, as well as exotic goods from distant areas in the Plains. The Dahlman site presents evidence of the importance exchange played in late prehistoric social relations. The centrality of exchange as a productive and social pursuit is attested by the volume of non-local goods found at the site, the volume of materials produced for exchange there, a ceremonial object likely related to exchange activities, and an example of public architecture located nearby the site.