Website interactivity and brand development of online travel agencies in China: The moderating role of age

Ben Haobin Ye
Albert A. Barreda, Missouri State University
Fevzi Okumus
Khaldoon Nusair


The purpose of this study was to propose a theory-driven model to understand the relationship among social website interactivity, brand experience, brand choice, price premium, and buying intention within the context of online travel agencies (OTAs) websites. The moderating role of consumer age was also investigated. Results suggested the inclusion of social website interactivity in the design of OTA websites enhanced branding elements, which influenced customers' willingness to pay the price premium and to return in the future. The strength of the relationships among these constructs varies across young consumers (aged between 18 and 25) and older consumers (aged above 25). Moreover, results suggested that social website interactivity influenced price premium and buying intentions through brand experience and brand choice. This study offers specific theoretical and practical implications.