The aim of the study is to contribute to the scholarly works that examine food and the role it plays as a tool in the diplomatic influence known as gastrodiplomacy. This work also offers readers literature inclusive of authors, periods of time, sources, and titles pertaining to the topic. The goal is to categorize diverse workings and problems related to gastrodiplomacy that have been analyzed up to this point. A systematic review of 32 peer-reviewed academic articles published in the past five years, validate the depth of the present research. Up-to-date subjects, methodologies, and results are provided, in addition to prospects for supplementary exploration. The literature tracks industry developments in the tourism sector. Most of the research concentrates on the platform of nations experiencing global status from a dynamic array of distinctive foods from other cultures. A great amount of opportunity for research is recognized in the literature, whereas only a limited amount has been delivered. Research in gastrodiplomacy has been inadequate up to this point, both in tourism and hospitality literature, with more attention given to the social aspects of cultural cuisine. Consequently, this study provides a foundation for researchers, scholars, and learners to expand and develop additional analysis in the future.


Hospitality Leadership

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systematic review, diplomatic influence, gastrodiplomacy, multi-cultural, national cuisine

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Journal of Tourismology