A novel method to synthesis magnetic thin film of iron oxide

R. K. Gupta, Missouri State University
K. Ghosh, Missouri State University
P. K. Kahol, Missouri State University


A novel method is used to deposit iron oxide thin film. Frozen iron acetate is used as a target for pulsed laser deposition of iron oxide thin film. KrF excimer laser having wavelength of 248 nm with pulsed duration of 20 ns is used to deposit the film. Structural characterizations were performed using X-ray diffraction and atomic/magnetic force microscopy. The X-ray diffraction patterns confirmed the polycrystalline nature of α-Fe2O3. Temperature dependence magnetic measurements in zero field cooled showed the presence of blocking temperature at ∼60 K. The magnetic measurements revealed the existence of superparamagnetic behavior above blocking temperature and freezing of magnetic moments arising from uncompensated surface spins below blocking temperature.