Effect of thickness on optoelectrical properties of Mo-doped indium oxide films

R. K. Gupta, Missouri State University
K. Ghosh, Missouri State University
P. K. Kahol, Missouri State University


Molybdenum-doped indium oxide films of various thicknesses were deposited on quartz substrate by pulsed laser deposition technique. The effect of thickness on structural, optical, and electrical properties was studied. X-ray diffraction studied revealed that all the films are highly oriented along (2 2 2) direction. It is observed that film crystallinity increases with thickness. These films are highly transparent (82-96%) in visible region. Atomic force microscopy analysis shows that the films are very smooth with root mean square surface roughness of 0.95 nm for 10 nm thick film. It is observed that resistivity of the films decreases from 1.05 × 10 -4 Ω cm to 6.06 × 10 -5 Ω cm, while mobility increases from 172 cm 2 /Vs to 263 cm 2 /Vs with increases in film thickness from 10 nm to 125 nm, respectively.