We present an analysis of three new pulsating subdwarf B stars discovered in the Super Wide Angle Search for Planets archive. Two of the stars, J1938+5609 and J0902-0720, are p-mode pulsators; J1938+5609 shows a pulsation at 231.62 d -1 (P = 373 s; 2681 μHz) with an amplitude of 4 mmag, whereas J0902-0720 pulsates at frequencies 636.74 (P = 136 s; 7370 μHz) and 615.34 d -1 (P = 140 s; 7122 μHz), with amplitudes 7.27 and 1.53 mmag, respectively. The third star, J2344-3427, is a hybrid pulsator with a p-mode frequency at 223.16 d -1 (P = 387 s; 2583 μHz) and a corresponding amplitude of 1.5 mmag, and g modes in the frequency range 8.68-28.56 d -1 (P = 3025-9954 s; 100-331 μHz) and amplitudes between 0.76 and 1.17 mmag. Spectroscopic results place J1938+5609 and J2344-3427 among the long-period or hybrid pulsators, suggesting there may be further modes in these stars below our detection limits, with J0902-0720 placed firmly amongst the p-mode pulsators.

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Asteroseismology, Stars: oscillations, Subdwarfs, Techniques: photometric

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society