Measuring actual visitor engagement in news websites


As revenues from Internet advertising continue to grow, advertisers seek popular news websites for placing advertisements in an effort to maximize profits. An important measure of how well a website is performing or how attractive it is to the advertisers is how engaged the web visitors are with that website. During our background study, we explored articles covering metrics to measure online user activity and engagement. However, none of those proposed techniques address the need for advertisers and/or website owners to detect tab/application switching or to find the actual away time from a particular website. To address this need, in this paper, we propose two new metrics, focus ratio and active ratio, along with a proof of concept tool to track web visitor engagement more accurately. To the best of our knowledge, focus ratio and active ratio have not been proposed in the literature within the context of web analytics and visitor engagement.


Computer Science

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Active ratio, Focus ratio, Online news, Visitor engagement, Web analytics

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CEUR Workshop Proceedings