The variability of the two γ Doradus star belong to Pleiades cluster, HD 22702 and HD 23585, have been confirmed by using new photometric measurements collected during a multisite campaign in 1998. Respect to previous observing runs, the frequency analysis shows new peaks close the 3 cd -1 for both stars. With the aim of performing a modal identification, the method based on amplitudes ratios and phase shifts with non-adiabatic time dependent convection (TDC) has been applied. The physical parameters obtained from the photometry put the star HD 23585 out the blue observational edge of the γ Dor region in the HR diagram. This behaviour together with the high value of vsini have not allowed us to perform an identification of the excited modes. Respect to the the star HD 22702, a preliminary study of stability provides results consistent with a l 2 identification for the found oscillation frequencies except for f3, where a l 1 mode is also probable. Also for this star, the TDC treatment has not been able to discrimante the found modes. Therefore, in addition to new vsini measurements, it is fundamental to carry out an exhaustive modelling by considering the pertinent corrections in the rotation.


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