Bandgap engineered high mobility indium oxide thin films for photovoltaic applications


Magnesium and titanium doped indium oxide (IMTO) thin films were grown using pulsed laser deposition technique. Magnesium was added to enhance the bandgap, whereas titanium was added to improve carrier concentrations and mobility of indium oxide films. The effect of growth temperature on structural, optical, and electrical properties were studied. It was observed that the optical transparency of the films strongly depends on growth temperature and increases with increase in growth temperature. The films grown at 600°C showed optical transparency > 85%. We observed widening in bandgap of indium oxide by doping with magnesium and titanium. The bandgap of IMTO films increases with increase in growth temperature. The maximum bandgap of 3.9 eV was observed for film grown at 600°C. It was observed that growth temperature strongly affects the electrical properties such as resistivity, carrier concentration, and mobility. The electrical resistivity and mobility of the films increases with increase in growth temperature. On the other hand, carrier concentration decreases with increase in growth temperature. Temperature dependence electrical resistivity measurements showed that films grown at low temperatures are semiconducting in nature, while films grown at high temperature showed transition from semiconducting to metallic behavior. These wide bandgap, highly transparent, and high mobility films could be used for photovoltaic applications.


JVIC-Center for Biomedical and Life Sciences
Physics, Astronomy, and Materials Science

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Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings