Conodont fauna of the Machari Formation (Middle and Upper Cambrian), Yeongweol area, Gangweon Province, Korea


A diverse conodont fauna from the Machari Formation in the Yeongweol area of Gangweon (formerly Kangweon) Province, Korea, includes protoconodonts, paraconodonts, and euconodonts. Protoconodonts (assigned to Phylum Chaetognatha Leuckart and to Order Protoconodontida Landing) include Gapparodus Abaimova, Gumella Müller and Hinz, Hertzina Müller, and Phakelodus Miller. Paraconodonts (assigned to Phylum Chordata Bateson, to Superclass Conodonta Pander, and to Class Paraconodontida Müller) include species of Fumishina Müller, Muellerodus Miller, Proacodus Müller, Proacontiodus An, Prooneotodus Müller and Nogami, Prosagittodontus Müller and Nogami, and Westergaardodina Müller. Euconodonts (assigned to Phylum Chordata, to Superclass Conodonta Pander, and to Class Conodonti Branson) include species of Cambrooistodus Miller, Coelocerodonlus Ethington, Granatodontus Chen and Gong, Proconodontus Miller, and Teridontus Miller. Upper Middle Cambrian occurrences of Coelocerodontus and Granatodontus are some of the oldest occurrences of euconodonts. Seventeen species referable to eight genera are reported for the first time from the Middle to Upper Cambrian of Korea. These include the protoconodonts Gapparodus n. sp. A and Gumella cuneata Müller and Hinz and the paraconodonts Fumishina bicarinata Müller, F. curvata Müller and Hinz, F. gossmannae Müller and Hinz, F. ovata Müller and Hinz, F. pernica An, F. polonica Szaniawski, F. tortilis (Müller), F. vasmerae Müller and Hinz, Muellerodus? erectus (Xiang in An et al), Prosagittodontus minimus Müller and Hinz, Westergaardodina nogamii Müller and Hinz, and W. quadrata An. Euconodonts recovered for the first time from the Machari Formation include Coelocerodontus bicostatus van Wamel, Granatodontus ani (Wang), and G. hwajeolensis (Lee and Lee). These taxa are illustrated and correlated herein with the equivalent local and global trilobite and conodont zonal schemes.


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Biostratigraphy, Conodonts, Korea, Machari Formation, Middle Cambrian, Taxonomy, Upper Cambrian

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