Electrical conductivity enhancement of polyethersulfone (PES) by ion implantation

Lynn B. Bridwell, Missouri State University
Ryan E. Giedd, Missouri State University
Wang Yongqiang, Missouri State University
S. S. Mohite, Missouri State University
Tamera Jahnke, Missouri State University
I. M. Brown


Amorphous polyethersulfone (PES) films have been implanted with a variety of ions (He, B, C, N and As) at a bombarding energy of 50 keV in the dose range 1016-1017 ions/cm2. Surface resistance as a function of dose indicates a saturation effect with a significant difference between He and the other ions used. ESR line shapes in the He implanted samples changed from a mixed Gaussian/Lorentzian to a pure Lorentzian and narrowed with increasing dose. Temperature dependent resistivity indicates an electron hopping mechanism for conduction. Infrared results indicate cross-linking or self-cyclization occurred for all implanted ions with further destruction in the case of As. © 1991.