Ion implantation of new polymers containing imide and amide units

Y. Q. Wang, Missouri State University
Ryan E. Giedd, Missouri State University
Sanjiv S. Mohite, Missouri State University
T. S. Jahnke, Missouri State University
L. B. Bridwell, Missouri State University
C. J. Sofield


Six new polymers containing imide and amide units, have been implanted by 50 keV Xe and 180 keV As ions. The measurements of surface resistance indicated that the conductivities of all polymers increased more than five orders of magnitude from their pristine values after implantation. The temperature-dependent conductivities showed that these implanted new polymers conduct by the charging energy limited tunnelling mechanism. Raman spectrometry showed that diamond-like structure was present in some of the polymer films implanted by 180 keV As ions. Infrared spectroscopy indicated that the molecular structure of pristine films was damaged by incident ions, and some cross-link structure was also created at the high dose of implantation. © 1991.