Elastic properties of imperfectly bonded short fiber composites


The effect of debonding on various moduli of short fiber composites was studied by developing an analytical model. It was assumed that debonding of the fiber-matrix interface initiated at the end of the fibers and progressed to the center. Debonding along only a few percent of the fiber length substantially reduced the moduli of the composite, especially for relatively high-volume fractions of reinforcement. Results were compared to an existing model, in which debonding was assumed to occur in a sector around the fiber and all along the length of the fiber. It was found that debonding along the length of the fiber reduced the modulus of the composite significantly more than debonding around a sector, for the same percentage of the fiber debonded. It was not just the percentage of the fiber debonded which effected the moduli, but also the manner in which the debonding occurred. Copyright © 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd.

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Composite Structures