Joint Admission Control and Resource Allocation in Edge Computing for Internet of Things


The IoT is a novel platform for making objects more intelligent by connecting to the Internet. However, mass connections, big data processing, and huge power consumption restrict the development of IoT. In order to address these challenges, this article proposes a novel ECIoT architecture. To further enhance the system performance, radio resource and computational resource management in ECIoT are also investigated. According to the characteristics of the ECIoT, we mainly focus on admission control, computational resource allocation, and power control. To improve the performance of ECIoT, cross-layer dynamic stochastic network optimization is studied to maximize the system utility, based on the Lyapunov stochastic optimization approach. Evaluation results are provided which demonstrate that the proposed resource allocation scheme can improve throughput, reduce end-to-end delay, and also achieve an average throughput and delay trade-off. Finally, the future research topics of resource management in ECIoT are discussed.

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IEEE Network