Influence of hatch duration and individual daily growth rates on size structure of age-0 smallmouth bass cohorts in two glacial lakes


We assessed hatch dates and daily growth rates of age-0 smallmouth bass from two glacial lakes over a 3-year period. Hatching durations (19-27 days among years) of smallmouth bass occurred from late May until late June. Mean daily growth rate of age-0 smallmouth bass ranged from 0.56 to 1.56 mm·day-1. Correlation analysis indicated that hatch date had little effect on daily growth rates. Hatch date was significant in explaining variation in total length (TL) of age-0 smallmouth bass at time of capture in only three of six cases and hatch date never explained >50% of the variation in bass length. Daily growth rate significantly explained variation in smallmouth bass TL at time of capture in all six models, accounting for 31-86% of the variability in bass length. Our findings suggest that size structure of age-0 cohorts in some populations may be more strongly regulated by variation in individual daily growth rate than by hatch timing.

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Growth rate, Hatch duration, Otolith, Size structure, Smallmouth bass

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Ecology of Freshwater Fish