Compressed-domain encryption of adapted H.264 video


Commercial service providers and secret services yearn to employ the available environment for conveyance of their data in a secured way. In order to encrypt or to ensure personalized security of the video contents in an intermediary node, it is necessary to have the content structure conforming to an international standard. Moreover, pressure to satisfy user preferences and device requirements seamlessly are raising the need for content to be customized providing the best possible experience. In this paper, we present perceptual encryption scheme for video encryption that is incorporated with a dynamic temporal adaptation technique of the H.264 video conforming ISO/IEC MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation. Encryption is performed on demand directly from the adapted bitstream and its generic Bitstream Syntax Description (gBSD). © 2006 IEEE.

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ISM 2006 - 8th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia