Discovering representative episodal association rules from event sequences using frequent closed episode sets and event constraints


Discovering association rules from time-series data is an important data mining problem. The number of potential rules grows quickly as the number of items in the antecedent grows. It is therefore difficult for an expert to analyze the rules and identify the useful. An approach for generating representative association rules for transactions that uses only a subset of the set of frequent itemsets called frequent closed itemsets was presented in [6]. We employ formal concept analysis to develop the notion of frequent closed episodes. The concept of representative association rules is formalized in the context of event sequences. Applying constraints to target highly significant rules further reduces the number of rules. Our approach results in a significant reduction of the number of rules generated, while maintaining the minimum set of relevant association rules and retaining the ability to generate the entire set of association rules with respect to the given constraints. We show how our method can be used to discover associations in a drought risk management decision support system and use multiple climatology datasets related to automated weather stations1.


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Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, ICDM