Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Cesium (2-Quinilyl)- and (2-Benzothiazolyl) cyanoformaldoximates


Synthesis and crystal structure of cesium salts of 2-quinolylcyanoformaldoxime Cs{L1} [monoclynic singony, space group P21/c, a 15.082(3), b 4.647(4), c 15.712(2) Å, β 91.79(1)°, V, 1100.7 Å3, Z 4, R 0.026] and 2-benzothiazolylcyanoformaldoxime Cs{HL2}{L2}·H2O [orthorombic singony, space group P212121, a 7.122(2), b 15.408(2), c 18.955(3) Å, V 2080.0 Å3, Z 4, R 0.024] are described. The crystal structure of salt Cs{L1} is a two-dimensional polymer formed by coordination of cesium with the O or N atoms of the oximate anion [d(Cs-O,N) 2.94-3.80 Å). The structure of the benzothiazolyl derivative includes near planar fragments Cs{HL2}{L2} bonded via Cs-O(N) contacts and weak hydrogen bonds, involving water molecules, into a two-dimensional polymer. The water molecule is coordinated [d(Cs-O) 3.04 Å]. In both structures the coordination center is a distorted two-hat trigonal prism. Special features of the crystal structure of the investigated compounds are discussed.

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Russian Journal of General Chemistry