Function-based systems engineering (FuSE)


Function-based Systems Engineering (FuSE) is a design method that uses functional modeling throughout the first three phases of engineering design: product planning, conceptual design and embodiment design. The objective of the method is to implement existing and newly developed functional modeling based tools throughout the design of systems. Specific improvements over current design methods include: A standardized functional modeling method that is applicable throughout the design process, conceptual functional models that limit form-specific assumptions and are used for identifying potential solutions to product functionality, form-specific functional models that assist detailed behavioral model identification, behavioral model development based on functional models, well defined methods for identifying, modeling and evaluating solutions and improved identification and representation of auxiliary functions. The design method is introduced along with a motivating example based on an automotive powertrain.

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Conference Proceeding


Behavioral modeling, Functional modeling, Requirements flowdown, Systems engineering

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Proceedings of ICED 2007, the 16th International Conference on Engineering Design