Herein we present a method to disperse and align carbon nanotubes on various substrate surfaces. Using the shear forces associated with a rapidly moving fluid, nanoscale objects were positioned in a direction corresponding to the flow vector of the fluid. Dispersion of carbon nanotubes on microaddressable electrodes via the gas flow method creates opportunities for scaling up the production of nanoscale devices. In this letter, we demonstrate the feasibility of the method and the electrical characterization results obtained after the fabrication of carbon nanotube testing structures.

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nanomaterials, electronic transport, catalyst, nanowires, flow simulations, electrical characterization, nanotubes, scanning electron microscopy, deformation, contact impedance

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Hedberg, James, Lifeng Dong, and Jun Jiao. "Air flow technique for large scale dispersion and alignment of carbon nanotubes on various substrates." Applied Physics Letters 86, no. 14 (2005): 143111.

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Applied Physics Letters