Syntheses, crystal structures and coordination compounds of some 2-hetarylcyanoximes


2-hetarylcyanoximes which have the general formula HO–NC(CN)–R, where R is a heterocyclic group such as 2-pyridyl, 2-quinolyl, 2-benzthiazolyl etc., have been found to be good multidentate ligands for coordination chemistry. They form intensely colored complexes with iron(II) and bis-compounds with copper(I), which are used in analytical chemistry. Stability constants for anionic Fe2+ tris-cyanoximates were determined. The detailed syntheses and crystal structures of 2-pyridilcyanoxime (HPCO), 2-quinolylcyanoxime (HQCO) and 2-thiazolylcyanoxime (HTLCO) are reported. Molecules of HPCO in the crystal state adopt a non-planar cis–anti conformation. HQCO crystallizes as a monohydrate and this cyanoxime has a trans–anti non-planar conformation in the solid state. Molecules of HTLCO showed a trans–syn planar conformation in the solid state. Crystal structures of other known cyanoxime ligands are reviewed, as well as syntheses and the coordination modes for 2-hetarylcyanoximes in various complexes with s-, p- and d-metals.

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crystal structures, transition metal complexes, cyanoxime complexes

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Mokhir, A. A., K. V. Domasevich, N. Kent Dalley, Xiaolan Kou, N. N. Gerasimchuk, and O. A. Gerasimchuk. "Syntheses, crystal structures and coordination compounds of some 2-hetarylcyanoximes." Inorganica chimica acta 284, no. 1 (1999): 85-98.

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Inorganica Chimica Acta