A Load-Balanced Multicast Routing Algorithm in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks


A load balanced wireless links weights computing function and computing algorithm (LBWC) are proposed. On this basis, a load balanced joint multicast routing and spectrum allocation algorithm with QoS constraints in cognitive wireless mesh networks (LMRS2A) is proposed. Balancing the load of network and minimizing the number of transmission of multicast tree are the objective of LMRS2A under the QoS constraints. First, LMRS2A computes the weights of wireless links using LBWC for constructing the load balanced multicast tree. Second, LMRS2A uses the algorithm WBA2S with QoS constraints allocating channel to links which is based on the Wireless Broadcast Advantage (WBA).Simulation results show that LMRS2A algorithm can achieve expectation goal. It can not only avoid the congestion of node, but also need lower number of transmission of multicast tree.


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Kuang, Zhu-Fang, Zhi-Gang Chen, and Hui Li. "A load-balanced multicast routing algorithm in cognitive wireless mesh networks," Jisuanji Xuebao(Chinese Journal of Computers)" 36, no. 3 (2013): 521-531.

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Jisuanji Xuebao(Chinese Journal of Computers)