From Working Group to Community of Practice: The Patch Burn-Grazing Community


Grassland conservation efforts in the central United States are challenging because much of the land is privately held. The Patch Burn-Grazing Working Group was formed by a small group of professionals in an effort to share information and resources related to the practice of patch burn-grazing and creation of heterogeneity in grasslands. After a decade of collaboration, the group has developed into a diverse community of professionals and private producers that come together to learn from each other. We developed a survey to assess the impact of this group on grassland conservation after a decade of existence. Our results indicate this grass roots organization has impacted the management of a substantial number of grassland acres in the United States. As we recounted the history of this group, we discovered that it has transitioned into what we propose is a community of practice rather than a working group.



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Leis, Sherry A., and Janice S. Greene. "From Working Group to Community of Practice: The Patch Burn-Grazing Community." Natural Areas Journal 37, no. 1 (2017): 128-137.

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Natural Areas Journal