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This report describes results of the second year of a 3-year investigation of reproductive biology of freshwater mussels (unionoids). At least 21 North American unionoids are already extinct and 69 species are federally classified as endangered. The purpose of this project is to provide information that will facilitate conservation and management of these unique organisms. Parasitism of larval unionoids on fish is a central feature of their biology. Knowledge of the host fish and the requirements of the juvenile life stages are prerequisite for propagation and restoration of endangered species. Therefore, we are attempting to identify fish hosts and key reproductive behaviors and to investigate the biology of cultured juveniles.


Submitted to U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Missouri Ecological Services Field Office
Natural History Section, Missouri Department of Conservation

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Barnhart, M. C., and M. S. Baird. Fish hosts and culture of mussel species of special concern: Annual report for 1999. Springfield: Southwest Missouri State University, 2000.