We analyse the full Kepler short cadence data set of the pulsating subdwarf B star KIC 11558725. KIC 11558725 is in an sdB+WD binary system with a period of 10.05 d and is known to be subsynchronously rotating. From the full data set, we detected 245 pulsation frequencies, mostly in the gravity (g-) mode region, but some in the pressure (p-) mode region as well. We are able to identify 142 of these pulsations as ℓ ≤ 2 modes and 27 as ℓ = 6 modes. Frequency splittings in the g- and p-mode regions indicate that KIC 11558725 is a solid-body rotator with a rotation period of ∼44  d. The ℓ = 6 multiplets do not show a constant splitting, with the splitting increasing over the course of the observations. Multiplet structure constrains the inclination of the pulsation axis to be greater than ∼80°. KIC 11558725 also displays mode trapping in two regions of its asymptotic sequence.


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