Homelessness in rural America: Policy and practice

Paul A. Rollinson, Missouri State University
John T. Pardeck


This book deals with the rural homeless, about whom little is known. Offered here are some important insights into the unique problems facing the homeless in rural areas: this population lacks adequate housing, many live below the poverty level, many lack basic services such as health care, families are typically female headed, substance abuse is a major problem, and many of the rural homeless have emotional disabilities. The finding that was unexpected is the history of family violence that most of the rural homeless have experienced throughout both childhood and adulthood. More than 50 percent of the case records analyzed in this study show a history of family violence, from murder to sexual abuse. The data suggest that these rates of family violence are much higher than those reported for the urban homeless. First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.