Chilling affects allatal cell proliferation via antennae and protocerebral neurons in the cockroach Diploptera punctata


The corpora allata (CA) cells in a mated female of the cockroach Diploptera punctata undergo numerous mitotic divisions before an increase in juvenile hormone synthesis. A previous study demonstrated that this mitotic wave could be suppressed by exposure of the mated female to melting ice. Herein, we report that chilling suppresses CA mitosis via antennal perception. Cell proliferation-suppressing stimuli from chilling were acquired in proportion to the length of time of exposure to the low temperature and the physical length of the antennae exposed to chilling. Sixty basal antennal annuli should remain exposed to chilling for at least 1.5 h in order to suppress mitotic divisions in CA. Mitotic divisions in corpus allatum are suppressed by stimuli from contralateral antenna, predominantly via pars intercerebralis neurons. Selective disconnection of pars intercerebralis neurons from CA, prior to chilling, restored the mitotic wave in CA. Cellular divisions did not occur in CA of chilled females if either pars lateralis neurons were severed or left intact.

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diploptera punctata, corpus allatum, chilling stress, mitosis, cellular division

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Journal of insect physiology