Digitally manipulated images and painting


This paper/presentation submitted for the IV2001 Conference will include a discussion of this artist's use of digitally manipulated images sourced from photographic studies from nature and used a visual resource for canvas painting. Traditional approaches to canvas painting have included various paths of image preparation prior to the actual application of paint to canvas. Preliminary drawings and studies, photographs and graphing techniques have all been common approaches used for developing concepts for the final canvas painting. Many contemporary painters do not utilize preliminary concept studies for paintings at all, since the physical process, itself, can be a self-developing and self-revealing means to an end. This presentation will reveal this artist's approach to utilizing digital technology as a means for exploring ideas related to formal considerations of composition and color through image manipulation within Photoshop. Images that originate as original photographic studies from nature (most often in the form of landscape) are manipulated, printed as hard copy and used as source for the final paintings oh canvas. These canvas paintings are large in scale, measuring 60" x 72" as an average, and are executed within the synthetic acrylic medium. Occasionally, the hard-copy images are re-manipulated as collage pieces and/or re-scanned and re-processed through the software. The final paintings, however, are not totally predetermined by the digitized images. Alterations are made throughout the process of creating the paintings. Considerations of actual surface texture, color transparency, and numerous other characteristics not available for manipulation through image digitalization all partake and influence the final outcome. This presentation will include a slide representation of the entire process involved in creating the final paintings from the initial photographs, digitalization and the final, physical act of painting on canvas. The use of traditional materials within art making and the relationship of new technologies within that process is an important underlying issue within the presentation.


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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Visualisation