The STEM loop: Undergraduate engineering students create a STEM children's book


This paper documents an innovative project in which undergraduate mechanical engineering students created and produced a children's book about combustion engines. Funded through a grant provided by Texas A&M University at Qatar, students researched, designed, wrote, and illustrated a children's book intended to promote interest in STEM fields. The book, written in both English and Arabic, will be used in Qatari public schools and in the Texas A&M University at Qatar STEM Outreach Program. The interdisciplinary project was co-led by a mechanical engineering professor and an english professor. Students gained valuable transferable skills while working on this project including creative thinking, audience awareness, teamwork, technical writing, visual design, and communication. The authors of this paper, who include the students that worked on the project, aim to promote and encourage the idea of undergraduate students actively engaging and creating STEM programs and initiatives for K-12.

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ASEE 2016 International Forum