Arguing Goals: An Initial Assessment of a New Measurement Instrument

Ioana A. Cionea
Carrisa S. Hoelscher, Missouri State University
Irina A. Iles


This manuscript presents two studies on arguing goals. In Study 1, participants (N = 147) provided open-ended descriptions of their goals while arguing with others. A content analysis of their answers revealed 10 arguing goals: mutual understanding, problem solving, conflict resolution, persuasion, dominance, personal expression, emotional release, standing up for oneself, enjoyment, and intellectual growth. In Study 2, participants (N = 303) rated statements measuring these goals. The convergent validity, reliability, and factor structure of the measures developed were examined. Results indicated good validity and reliability, as well as unidimensional factors, with strong loadings for indicators in each scale, suggesting a promising measurement for the assessment of goals in nonserial argumentative exchanges.