Perceptions of reliances placed on data transmission control measures: Global versus domestic-only private network usage


This study focuses on the transmission of organizational information over data communication networks. The study examines whether US firms whose private network features extend beyond US borders rely more on specific data communication control measures than do firms that either do not use private network features or use them for domestic operations only. The use of these control measures are important because of the implications to the risk in transmitting strategic corporate information over data communications networks and the increased risk when the data communications function of a firm extends globally. The results of the survey when considered with prior research regarding global multinational corporate control and global information systems practices conclude that organizations may be exercising enhanced controls over transborder data flow, but they could be doing even more. This paper offers important information for corporate officials who are dependent on efficient, reliable and secure international information flow across the organization structure. The study also offers directions for further research into the phenomena. Copyright © 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd.


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Data communications, Multinational corporate control, Transborder data flow, Transnationalism

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International Business Review