Operational Intelligence through Performance Trends: An Oracle Prototype


Improving business process performance through operational intelligence is essential to enhance an organisation's ability to achieve business objectives and competitive advantage. This paper proposes an extension on insights provided by traditional business intelligence analytics through star schema that goes beyond snapshots of business process performance to outlining details on factors influencing business process operations over a period of time. Such extended insights, referred as performance trends, enable a richer assessment of business process performance. Performance trends essentially allow a business to determine whether the direction of business process performance is going up, down, or staying flat with respect to some success measure over a period of time. It is expressed as an analytic business rule that can be applied on the business process through analytic triggers. The paper illustrates the concepts through a prototype that is adapted from the oracle's e-business suite lead to forecast business process. The prototype is implemented in oracle's PL/SQL language.


Management and Information Technology

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International Journal of Business Intelligence and Systems Engineering