Integrated Framework to Model Data with Business Process and Business Rules

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data modeling, entity relationship model, relational model, business process, business rules, oracle, PL/SQL server pages


Data modeling is an approach to model data by mapping operational tasks iteratively, while associated guidelines are either partly mapped in the data model or expressed through software applications. Since an organization is a collection of business processes, it is essential that data models utilize such processes to facilitate data modeling. Also, data models should incorporate guidelines for completing operational tasks through the concept of business rules. This paper outlines a unified framework on database modeling and design based on business process concepts that also incorporates business rules impacting business operations. The paper focuses on the relational database and its primary mode of conceptual modeling in the form of an entity relationship model. Concepts are illustrated through Oracle's database language PL/SQL and its Web variant PL/SQL Server Pages.

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Kaula, Rajeev. "Integrated Framework to Model Data with Business Process and Business Rules." International Journal of Database Management Systems 8, no. 6 (2016): 1-12

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