Data Modeling of Knowledge Rules: An Oracle Prototype

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data modeling, knowledge rules, expert systems, knowledge base, entity-relationship diagram, relational model


Knowledge rules are outlined declaratively in a knowledge base repository. Each rule is created independently for storage in the repository. This paper provides an approach to apply the techniques of traditional entity-relationship data modeling to structure the knowledge rules for storage as a database schema in a relational database management system. Utilization of entity relationship model and relational database for modeling knowledge rules provides for a more standardized mechanism for structuring knowledge rules. Storage of knowledge rules in a relational database shall also bring about improved integration with business applications, besides having the availability of services provided for transactional database applications. The paper utilizes the Oracle database for illustrating the application of the concepts through a sample set of knowledge rules. The approach is explained through a prototype in Oracle's PL/SQL Server Pages.

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Kaula, Rajeev. "Data Modeling of Knowledge Rules: An Oracle Prototype." JSW 7, no. 12 (2012): 2857-2865.

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