The Relationship Between Employee Fit Perceptions, Job Performance, and Retention: Implications of Perceived Fit

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employee fit perceptions, job performance, retention


Meaningful work has become an increasingly important job outcome for individuals in recent years. Studies indicate that many employees lack experienced meaningfulness in their work and that organizations have not done a good job at creating meaningful and emotionally satisfying work experiences for employees. A person–job fit approach to meaningful work and employee retention is described that consists of matching individual self-concept with job tasks and behaviors. It is proposed that this self-concept–job fit will be strongly related to meaningful work. It is also proposed that meaningful work is related to important outcome variables valued by organizations, such as increased worker performance and employee retention. Path analysis supports the proposed relationships. Implications for human resource management activities and future research are discussed.

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Scroggins, Wesley A. "The relationship between employee fit perceptions, job performance, and retention: Implications of perceived fit." Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 20, no. 1 (2008): 57-71.

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