Culture’s impact on freedom and peace: empirical evidence

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This study provides insight into the proportion of the variation across countries in the desirable outcomes of freedom and peace that can be accounted for using a set of national characteristics which are difficult, if not impossible, to change. The majority of prior studies in this area have utilized bivariate (correlational) analysis. While these studies have made important contributions to the field, they have not been able to disentangle the effects of other important national characteristics from the effect of culture on freedom and peace. Through our multivariate framework, we are able to shed light on the relative importance of these national characteristics in explaining the variation in freedom and peace across countries.

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Haggard, Dana L., and K. Stephen Haggard. "CULTURE'S IMPACT ON FREEDOM AND PEACE: EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE." International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior (PrAcademics Press) 14, no. 3 (2011).

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