Information-Processing Support Index: A New Perspective on IT Usage

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BYOD, consumerization of IT, information-processing-based view, information-processing support index, framework development, mobile device management


Because they are so important, the factors that drive information technology (IT) usage decisions in organizations have been a topic of perennial investigation in IS research. This article develops a new framework, the Information-Processing Support Index (IPSI), which can be used to examine IT usage decisions from the perspective of the information-processing view of the firm. The new framework is then demonstrated by examining issues that impact decisions made by employees when considering alternative mobile computing systems. Data were gathered through three empirical studies at academic institutions in the USA and in China. These data were used to refine and validate a new instrument to measure the IPSI construct. The IPSI framework offers valuable insights about IT usage decisions. Also, the IPSI instrument presented in this article provides a new tool for both IT researchers and IT managers to better understand and support employees' information-processing needs.

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Guo, Xiang, and Brian Reithel. "Information-Processing Support Index: A New Perspective on IT Usage." Journal of Computer Information Systems (2018): 1-14.

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Management and Information Technology