Brand alliance dependency and exclusivity: an empirical investigation

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brand identity, brand loyalty, consumer behaviour, strategic alliances


This paper examines the effects of resource dependency and contract exclusivity on the attitudes and intentions of consumers in brand alliances. Findings indicate that attitudes of the brands before the alliance (pre‐attitudes) have a positive effect on the attitude toward the alliance, which has a positive effect on perceived quality of the alliance, willingness to pay a premium price and purchase intention. Further, attitudes toward the brands after the alliance (post‐attitudes) reveal a positive spillover effect for both the host and ally brands. Interestingly, the moderating effects of dependency and exclusivity differ based on whether the brand serves as the host or the ally brand in the alliance. Analyses conducted after controlling for the effects of familiarity of the ally brands revealed consistent results.

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Rodrigue, Christina S., and Abhijit Biswas. "Brand alliance dependency and exclusivity: an empirical investigation." Journal of Product & Brand Management (2004).

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