Antecedents of Coupon Proneness: A Key Mediator of Coupon Redemption

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coupon proneness, coupon redemption, acquisition utility, transaction utility


Coupons increase the buying power of consumers. Businesses use coupons to increase sales, new products adoption, and repeat buying. Billions of coupons are distributed annually via different methods. However, consumers redeem only a small fraction of these, thereby forgoing the potential cost savings. The authors investigated several factors that motivate coupon redemption. The data were obtained by surveying 353 U.S. consumers. Price consciousness, pride, and satisfaction in using coupons, and value consciousness were found to increase coupon use. The perception that the savings are not worth the effort decreased their use. The results suggest ways for managers to boost coupon use.

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Clark, Ronald A., James J. Zboja, and Ronald E. Goldsmith. "Antecedents of coupon proneness: a key mediator of coupon redemption." Journal of Promotion Management 19, no. 2 (2013): 188-210.

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