The Importance of Fashion: The Chinese and U.S. Gen Y Perspective

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Chinese consumer behavior, collectivist culture, consumer behavior, cross-cultural marketing, marketing strategy


A cross-cultural study is conducted to examine the perceptions, needs, preferences, influences and fashion buying habits of Generation Y consumers in both China and the United States. Chinese consumers appear to be more fashion-conscious in that the majority of their luxury purchases are fashion products. In this increasingly globalized world, it is important for a fashion marketer to determine if one strategy can be used to reach all Generation Y consumers or if separate strategies are necessary. Specifically, this study examines fashion leadership, need for uniqueness, and attention to social comparison information to determine if there are differences between these two cohorts and how best to reach them.

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Simmers, Christina S., R. Stephen Parker, and Allen D. Schaefer. "The importance of fashion: the Chinese and US Gen Y perspective." Journal of Global marketing 27, no. 2 (2014): 94-105.

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