Supply Chain-Related Adverse Events and Patient Safety in Healthcare


This research investigates adverse events and patient safety in healthcare due to poor supply chain management practices, and inadequate and disorganized product validation procedures. Focusing on commodity medical and surgical products, this research investigates correct product validation points for maximum patient safety. This study also explores benefits of standard product identifying technologies such as HIBC or GS1 data standards as well as automated validation systems such as barcode or Auto ID to minimize workflow interruptions. Site visits and phone interviews are conducted with six healthcare providers to document common product validation practices and procedures. Based on observations and collected data, a simulation model is developed. Different scenarios are compared for patient safety, care delay, and system efficiency. The results show that validation points during PAR picking or bedside product administration, and warehouse picking operations provide optimal overall system performance. The results also indicate that standard product identifying technologies and automated validation systems significantly impact the efficiency of supply chain.

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International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics