An Analysis of Chinese Business Student's Performance on a Test Of Emotional Intelligence

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The relationship between leadership and Emotional Intelligence (El) has been the subject of significant research. This study was designed to extend that research by evaluating factors which may be related to ways in which groups of individuals differ in their levels of Emotional Intelligence. Specifically, a number of demographic characteristics were evaluated with regard to whether or not they were associated with differences in El achievement scores among a group of Chinese business students. Results indicate that students' El scores did differ when the factors of age, class, foreign language coursework, resident city size and family income were considered.

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Margavio, Thomas M., Geanie W. Margavio, Michael A. Hignite, and Duane R. Moses. "An analysis of Chinese business students' performance on a test of Emotional Intelligence." College Student Journal 45, no. 3 (2011): 556-566.


Management and Information Technology