Changing Trends in Medical Tourism


Charles Owen


The nature, value and extent of business tourism has changed significantly in recent years. Business travellers are more cost conscious than they were; when flying, they are to be found increasingly in economy class: many are self-employed; one in four is female. More and more, these travellers carry their own miniaturized gadgetry, depend upon appropriate plug in facilities in hotels, conference rooms and airports. Improved interchange between modes of travel, including more airport-city centre rail links, is a new requirement. While the traditional reasons for business tourism hold good, the latest growth areas are corporate hospitality and incentive travel. In this light, after examining the flow and character of business travel into the USA, with some emphasis on the British contribution, Charles Owen, Principal of the Tourism by Design consultancy, looks to the possibility of a revival of transatlantic ocean-liner travel as one means of combining business with pleasure; and he hints at a possible new role for the modern airport hotel as a leisure venue for those business tourists who, even off duty, ‘secretly enjoy the buzz and entertainment of major airports'.


Management and Information Technology

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Tourism Management