An Empirical Examination of Shipper Perceptions of Service-Selection Attributes in Five Truckload Industry Segments

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This article presents an evaluation of over 700 shippers' perceptions of service-selection attributes in the dry van, temperature controlled, tank, intermodal, and flatbed segments of the truckload transportation industry. The primary conclusions were based on a MANOVA comparison of forty two attributes among five truckload industry segments. Additionally, an exploratory factor analysis was conducted to help guide future research and model development. Significant differences were found between at least two of the five industry segments for seventeen of the attributes. Most of the significant differences were between the dry van and temperature controlled segments. In addition to traditional service-selection attributes such as reputation, responsiveness, and availability, e-business and international attributes were evaluated.

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Kent, John L., R. Stephen Parker, and Robert H. Luke. "An empirical examination of shipper perceptions of service-selection attributes in five truckload industry segments." Transportation Journal (2001): 27-36.