How Marketing Professionals Use and Staff Social Media in Entertainment and Event Venues


This paper reviews the results of a recent survey of entertainment and event venue marketing professionals. The survey was emailed to 890 venue professionals. There were 74 unique venue marketing professionals who responded (8.3% response rate) and answered most of the 55 questions covering various topics about the use, staffing, and perceptions of social media. The insights from this paper should assist entertainment and event venue professionals in comparing their priorities when it comes to social media use. The findings will also be helpful to anyone who might be responsible for the marketing of an artist or concert by shedding light on the benefit of integrating social media efforts with the venue or promoter. In addition, educators in the music and entertainment industry should benefit from an increased awareness of the strategic use of social media and shed light on the opportunities to prepare students for jobs in this area.


Management and Information Technology

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social media, venue staffing, event venue, entertainment venue, IAVM, International Association of Venue Managers, arena, stadium, performing arts, PAC, theatre

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MEIEA Journal