Object-oriented methods: Current practices and attitudes


A total of 160 experienced object-oriented (OO) developers and OO trainees responded to a survey covering current practices and attitudes toward various OO methods, in particular and some aspects of OO systems development, in general. The survey probed into developers' training in OO analysis and design (OOAD) methods; familiarity, preference and use of OOAD methods; the use of OO tools; and attitudes toward OOAD methods. The purpose of this paper is to report the findings in these areas. Overall, (1) trainees are relying more on universities and less on self-instruction compared to existing developers; (2) the Booch, OMT and Jacobson methods are known by, preferred by, and used by developers more than other methods; (3) automated tools are used regularly by less than 50% of developers; and (4) attitudes toward OOAD methods by developers and trainees are favorable, although some differences do exist. The results are important for understanding the current state of, and attitudes toward, OOAD methods as interest in this area continues to grow and mature.


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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Journal of Systems and Software