Student's perceptions on information systems success


Information technology is omnipresent in all organizational functions. The integration of information systems with organizational strategies has been stressed and organizational issues have been identified as the most important knowledge components for Computer Information Systems (CIS) education. However, students majoring in CIS may have a very narrow view of the value and importance of information systems. The present survey examined the perceptions of 173 CIS students regarding their views concerning the value structure on the success of IS. The results of the study indicated that "satisfying users' needs" was regarded as the most important criteria for an information system to be considered successful This was followed by "reliability of systems" and then "increasing company profit." "Bringing a competitive advantage to the company" was the least important criteria. The order of these results were consistent regardless of the students' gender, class, or level of job experience.


Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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Journal of Computer Information Systems